The following list of technologies is not an exhaustive list of what we cover, however it will provide you with a very good idea of our capabilities. Should you wish to enquire on services using these technologies or any other enterprise infrastructure technology, please contact us using your preferred method.

We provide services as outlined in our Services Overview section for the architecture, design and implementation in the following technologies. This includes migrations, installs, hardware refresh, rationalisation, consolidation, troubleshooting and support of:

Enterprise Backup and Restore
- IBM Tivoli Storage Manager: We cover all facets of IBM's TSM product

  • SAN Hardware Management software
    - IBM Tivoli Productivity Centre
    - Brocade Data Center Fabric Manager (DCFM)

  • Virtualisation products
    - IBM's SAN Volume Controller (SVC)
    - HDS USP V and VM
    - IBM PowerVM
    - VMware vSphere
  • - HP MPX200/Qlogic iSR Routers

  • Midrange Hardware and Software
    - IBM System P hardware, including p595
    - IBM AIX platform

  • Intel Based Servers
    - IBM's System X
    - IBM Bladecenter

  • Storage
    - IBM SAN backbones, directors and switches
    - Brocade SAN directors and switches
    - Enterprise disk storage solutions - IBM DS4000, DS5000, DS6000 and DS8000 Series
    - Enterprise disk storage solutions - Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) - All models
    - Enterprise disk storage solutions - Hewlett Packard (HP) - All models
    - Enterprise disk storage solutions - Sun Microsystems Disk Systems - All models