Services Overview

Infraworx specialises in the architecture, design and implementation of a wide range of enterprise infrastructure products. We are vendor agnostic so we are well placed to determine the best implementation to suit your requirements.

We also provide the following services using these technologies, but are not limited to only these technologies.

Organisations can benefit from Infraworx's storage consulting services for I.T. environments due to our deep experience in this field. We are able to provide health check reports, new project recommendations, or analysis to fix non-optimal I.T. environments.


Disaster Recovery
If your environment needs a new working Disaster Recovery strategy or a review of your current practices, we are capable to provide these services in all facets of DR from an infrastructure view. This includes DR audits, strategy design and implementation.
We are specialists in enterprise backup systems. Design a new backup and recovery environment, or improve/fine tune your existing environment. We can perform health checks of your existing Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) environment or design and implement a whole new backup and recovery/DR solution for you.


We are specialists in the ever growing field of Data Storage. Whether it is Storage Area Networks (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS), we can provide the needed services. Encompassing storage hardware, software, virtualisation and storage management products.