Recruitment Services - Clients

Need an I.T resource for an extended period of time or searching for a full time employee?  Infraworx can place one of our technical specialists in your organisation or find you an appropriate resource according to your requirements.

If our resources are all engaged in various placements (as the skills we specialise in are in demand) we will find the appropriate resource that fits your requirements using our in depth market connections to locate the correct candidate to suit your specialised needs.

The difference between Infraworx and other suppliers is that we will only place someone in your environment if we have attained a high level of confidence in them through personal experience or from sources that we have learnt to trust. We would have already discovered that they are technically proficient in what they do. 

Infraworx would rather state that there is no suitable resource that we can put forward, than place someone in your environment that we cannot vouch for both professionally, and in the required area of expertise.

Infraworx has actual active technical and professional experience in the Enterprise I.T environment, which will be thoroughly utilised to filter out and recommend suitable candidates. Hiring managers, rest assured that candidates put forward by Infraworx have already been approved from a technical and professional standpoint by capable technical staff at Infraworx.

This is our advantage.


If you are interested in having Infraworx locate a resource for you, feel free to contact us or fill in and submit a request form and we will respond in a very timely manner.