Who is Infraworx Pty Ltd?

Established in 2006 with headquarters in Sydney, Australia, Infraworx is an I.T. service provider, specialising in all things storage. Storage encompasses a large set of solutions such as disk storage systems, SANs, NAS's, software-defined storage, backup/recovery and disaster recovery. As such, storage is an ever evolving area of I.T. requiring high levels of expertise which Infraworx is capable of delivering and consulting in.

We have over 15 years experience in providing enterprise level design, implementation, consultative and support work for our customers in any of our key technologies.

We also a certified partner and reseller of many of I.T's large vendors such as Veeam, IBM, HP, HPE, Red Hat, Peplink and StorageCraft.

We firmly believe that excellent customer service is at the forefront of a successful business. Our policy and mindset will truly keep our customers satisfied.

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Infraworx Data Centre

Infraworx hosts their own data centre based in Sydney, Australia that is built solely for cloud-based storage solutions such as disaster recovery and and backup/recovery. Our enterprise-class data centre is designed from the ground up using high availability principles and runs true fully distributed storage clusters - meaning there are no single points of failure. Each bit of data has at least 3 copies, each in a diffeent availability zone.

With high availability implemented at every layer, fast fibre channel connectivity and an Australia-only presence, our data centre suits all businesses based in Australia who are after fast, affordable cloud storage solutions. See our products page for a listing of our solutions.