Our Hybrid Cloud Solution includes the on-premise server, offsite replication and even the administration of the on-premise server - minimising your involvement in running an enterprise-grade backup and recovery solution.

The first line of defence against data loss is the on-premise IBM Storage Manager server which provides fast and reliable backups.
The second line of defence is provided by securely sending a second copy of your backups to our cloud-based disaster recovery location at Infraworx’s Australian based data centre.

The Infraworx Hybrid Cloud backup solution provides your organisation with the complete, end–to-end solution:

    • An on-premise IBM Storage Manager server.
    • The installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance of the on-premise server.
    • On-premise and offsite storage space based on the chosen plan.
    • The Infraworx Hybrid Backup Solution is based on IBM Storage Manager and there are no extra payments for licenses.
    • Automatic creation of offsite backups at our Australian based data centre.
    • Backup reports are sent to you by email.
    • This solution includes the configuration of the first 15 servers to be backed up at your organisation.
    • It includes the ability to generate billing reports by department to enable simplified billing of each department according to the storage they use.
    • The initial backup can be shipped to Infraworx’s data centre on external disk to expedite the process of the first backup.


To find out more about the Infraworx Hybrid Cloud Backup and receive a technical solution brief, please contact us and we will respond to your request promptly.